Kasisi Mission, Zambia

Organic Specialists required.
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The Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) have requested an Organic Marketing Specialist, an Organic Livestock Specialist and a Compost Tea Specialist.

Organic Livestock Specialist (organic pigs).
We require a person to train and advise the KATC staff and farmers on organic livestock management processes. This will include livestock feed & nutrition, living conditions, waste management, health care & record keeping / audit trail and the integration of animal-pasture-crop production.

This person is required for several repeated periods of 2 weeks until the knowledge transfer has been completed.

Compost Tea Specialist
We require a person to train and advise the KATC staff and farmers on the production and use of compost tea in organic farming methods.
They will need to advise on how to produce the best recipes for a nutritionally rich, well-balanced, organic plant food which is appropriate to the local areas and is suitable for using as a feed for controlling various plant diseases repelling and controlling insect pests and encouraging the growth of benefical soil bacteria which will result in healthier, more stress-tolerant plants.
This person is required for a period of 1 month.

Organic Marketing Specialist
The role of the Organic Marketing Specialist will be to find and develop a market for the local organic products which will be profitable for the local farmers.

Organically produced products include ground nuts, various beans, sesame seeds and mucuna. They are also experimenting with pineapples, soya for feed and cotton.

Business development skills are essential so that new products could be developed which will contribute to the economy of the local rural community.
The volunteer would live in a volunteer house with a bathroom and kitchen to share with other volunteers.

This placement is for a minimum time period of 1 year.

KATC Background
This is a training institute for farmers based near Lusaka, Zambia and run by the Jesuits. They specialise in organic sustainable agriculture and offer a series of short courses (3 days to 2 weeks) They also conducts field days at their own demonstration plots, farms, rural areas, and schools in the area. It also prepares weekly radio programs for Yatsani community radio, and promotes formation of study circles in the villages (adult participatory education). The staff at KATC include agronomists, a biologist, an animal specialist, an agri-business specialist, an agricultural engineer, a forester, blacksmiths.

Farmers are taught how to produce more food on their farms by improving soil fertility and conserving a healthy environment through the use of organic fertilizers (e.g., compost and green manures) and crop rotations. Participants in KATC's programs are gaining practical experience in organic gardening, agroforestry (improved fallow, living fences, windbreaks and firewood).
For further information about KATC please see the website