Welcome to the JM website, the fundraising, supply and development executive of the British Province of the Society of Jesus. What, then, is our role, our mission and our work; would you like to help?

Our role

The Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) was founded by St Ignatius Loyola over 450 years ago to serve the needs of the Church and to minister to all peoples. The Jesuit Missions Office is proud to support members of the Society of Jesus in the UK, in Guyana,
South Africa, Zimbabwe and many other countries where Jesuits minister. Our role is to spearhead fundraising initiatives, provide logistical support and, crucially, to raise awareness of the plight of people in developing countries. Our job is to help the British Province make real its call to proclaim a Faith that does Justice in supporting those Jesuits involved in work overseas.

Our Mission

Jesuit Missions seeks to provide the highest standard of service to members of the Society of Jesus in their ministry to the world. Further, as this ministry is shared with parishes, schools, other non-governmental organisations such as charities and, ultimately, with all people of good will who believe in a faith that does justice, our mission is even wider.

Our work
The Jesuit Missions team provides a crucial link between Jesuits at work throughout the world and our benefactors, friends and supporters at home. We organise fundraising activities, manage supply links, bring the work of the Jesuits and their supporters to the attention of people at home and provide our overseas missionaries with regular news from home. This is never more important than for those who risk their lives and liberty on a daily basis. As well as working on these vital day to day tasks, the Jesuit Missions Office is involved in directing our development strategy by awarding small grants to projects overseas. We also link schools in this country to schools overseas so that children can learn from each others experiences. Our volunteering programme gives non-Jesuits the chance to collaborate with Jesuit ministries in challenging settings overseas.

Thank you for your prayers.

Mr Paul Chitnis 
August 2012

Projects Supported

Jesuit Refugee Service
An International Organisation at work in over 40 countries

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We support a number of countries around the world.
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